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Published:January 10th, 2011 11:00 EST
Please Don't Flush!

Please Don't Flush!

By S. D.

One of my roommates told me a story today, about a certain mutual friend of ours. Apparently, my roommate was going to the bathroom right after this girl had gone. What did she discover in the toilet? Lo-and-behold! A used PAD. (Not a tampon. Just want to make that very clear.)

Most of us live in a society where education on personal cleanliness is very easy to come by. We also live in a society where technology has made it so easy for us to have that personal cleanliness. But I understand that the basics of human hygiene are usually presented in the 4th grade, and over time, we tend to forget those things.

So here is a public service announcement from yours truly:


Period. (No pun intended. Well, maybe a little.)

It`s like, Courtesy 101. (Or maybe Intelligence 101.) Pads are big, liquid-absorbing things. If you try to flush one down the toilet, it will undoubtedly clog said toilet. Sure, maybe you`ll get lucky and it`ll get far enough along down the drain that the toilet will still flush. But you`ll quickly notice that your toilet is flushing ever slower.

Then again, you might not get so lucky, and it might not go all too far. Then you`ll have a clogged-up toilet, and probably backed-up bloody water in the bowl! So when the plumber comes, or when you decide to deal with it, it will be gross! Maybe you enjoy dealing with gross, but unless you live alone (and this is your own private toilet), the rest of the people around you probably won`t.

It`s very simple: just don`t do it. Roll it up, put the next pad`s wrapper around it (or toilet paper if you don`t have a next pad) and throw it away in the nearest trashcan. Usually if you`re in a bathroom, there`s a trashcan not too far away. There`s really no excuse for not doing this.

Thank you for your time!