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Published:January 11th, 2011 19:52 EST
dead birds

Crazy Preacher Cindy Jacobs: Repeal Of DADT To Blame For Dead Birds, Dead Fish

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Whacko preacher Cindy Jacobs, founder of Red Oak-based Generals International, says the repeal of `don`t ask, don`t tell` may be to blame for the recent bird and fish deaths in Arkansas."

dead birds

Americans are disturbed and perplexed by the worldwide phenomenon of birds and fish dying by the hundreds and thousands. We have sought answers from scientists, professors, and psychics , but none of their answers seem plausible. I don`t think it`s fireworks, sonic booms, or pollutants that have caused thousands of birds to fall from the sky.

Finally, thank you Jesus, someone has come up with a credible explanation for the dead birds. The Lord has revealed to this powerful woman of God that the repeal of DADT has moved Him to smite the birds of the air and the fish of the rivers by the tens of thousands.

If you don`t see a causal relationship between the repeal of DADT and the dead animals that`s proof positive that Satan is blinding your mind.

What you need to do, my unbelieving friend, is to put your hands on the TV when this prophetess of God is speaking, empty your mind of reason, wisdom, and good judgement, and blindly accept everything that God`s annointed has to say.

God Almighty has also given me a word of wisdom, He told me that If Fox doesn`t take the sodomy-Friendly "Glee" off the air, that he will smite liberals, homosexuals, and feminists by the tens of thousands.

What will it take for Americans to see that God is angry? Don`t wait until a dead birds falls on your head! Stop relying on commonsense, education and wisdom, and Trust in God`s prophetess. Le`ts just pray that women won`t be inspired to wear the wacky outfit that the televangelist is wearing in this video.

If any of my lady friends don an outfit that resembles the one Jacobs is wearing in the video, I will forsake God, and I won`t come back to the faith, even if a dead fish falls from the sky and lands on my head.

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