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Published:January 12th, 2011 15:55 EST

Horror: Pet Ferret Bites Seven Fingers Off Baby

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A four-month-old boy is recovering after having seven of his fingers chewed off by the family`s pet ferret.

The newborn lost all but his two thumbs and a little finger during the savage attack while his parents slept.

Police said by the time his parents heard their son`s screams the ferret had already done the damage.
The father killed the ferret after the attack while paramedics rushed the boy to hospital from his home in Grain Valley, Missouri."

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Ferrets are gentle and beautiful creatures, but they shouldn`t be allowed to roam free inside a home with babies or small children.

Ferrets are curious and mischievous, and it looked upon the baby as a giant chew toy.

What happened to the little boy is a tragedy, but it`s also a tragedy that the father killed the ferret. The father is the villain in this tragic incident, for not making sure the ferret was in his cage, and for killing the ferret. 

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