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Published:January 13th, 2011 11:47 EST

Bouncer's Credit Cards Stop Knife Blows

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A wallet stuffed with 20 plastic cards and a stroke of luck saved a pub doorman in western Germany from serious injury during a knife attack.


A customer ejected from the pub in the city of Witten on Sunday stabbed its 31-year-old doorman four times in the chest with a knife, police said. But a fat wallet in the bouncer`s breast pocket stopped the blade from piercing his body."


It`s not a good idea to carry so many credit cards in your wallet. If your wallet is lost or stolen it will be a nightmare to get your credit restored with so many of your credit cards in the hands of a thief. Not to mention that with so many credit cards it`s too tempting to max out all of them.

But this bouncer is lucky he doesn`t have any commonsense, the fat wallet acted like a bullet-proof vest and it saved his life. Instead of getting rid of his credit cards, he will probably apply for more.

This lucky bouncer better not leave home without his American Express Card and his 19 other cards.

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