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Published:January 13th, 2011 12:18 EST
guinea pig

Cops Raid Home Looking For Pot, Find Only Cute Guinea Pigs

By Robert Paul Reyes

"COPS have been forced to apologise to a British mum after they swooped on the family home in Bradford searching for a cannabis factory and instead found an electric heater keeping two pet guinea pigs warm, the Yorkshire Evening Post reported yesterday.

guinea pig

Pam Hardcastle, 42, said officers from West Yorkshire Police obtained a search warrant and mounted a raid on her family`s home when they thought they had uncovered a specialist heating system designed to grow cannabis."

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It`s a shame that the police waste manpower, equipment and money using a surveillance helicopter to catch homeowners growing pot. They should be looking for burglars and muggers instead of wasting taxpayers` money trying to find cannabis factories.

It`s comforting to know that while you are sleeping in your bed, Big Brother is watching you. I like to keep my home at a toasty 79 degrees, do I have to fear the cops raiding my home? If the cops raid my home, they may not get out of my home in one piece. I don`t have tiny and cuddly guinea pigs, I have a Pit Bull and a Chow and they would attack the criminal cops.

I hope that Pam Hardcastle and her two guinea pigs - named Simon and Kenny weren`t too traumatized by the thuggish cops.

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