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Published:January 13th, 2011 15:29 EST
Expensive Shoes

Expensive Heels: Worth a Year's Salary?

By S. D.

Look below: This pair of heels costs $27,945.

Expensive ShoesFor some people, that`s a year`s salary.

It`s interesting to think that someone will probably buy (or has already bought) this pair of heels. We all have different things we would do with nearly thirty thousand dollars. Some of us might consider this sort of purchase a waste.

On the other hand, it`s also important to remember that we ourselves make seemingly needless purchases, often on a daily basis. (I mean, did I really need that new sweater? I have a number of others, so probably not.) With our economy the way it is, we are all very interested in money. And we tend to be more quick to judge other people`s monetary decisions.

In political science, discussions of economy often come up. One such discussion recently came up in a class of mine, where a fellow student criticized the supposedly unnecessary purchases of the wealthy. A gentle reminder is in order: perhaps we should take our own selves into consideration first.

Rather than judging other people`s expenses, we should be careful of our own. Yes, there are probably better things that thirty thousand dollars can go to than a pair of heels. A hundred pairs of heels might be one of those things. Charity is certainly another thing. But as long as people remain honest about where they get their money and pay their taxes and so on, it`s really none of our business what else they "waste" their money on. Waste, after all, is entirely relative.

Hopefully we can learn to be less concerned with others and more concerned with ourselves. It`s only through changing ourselves that we can ever change the rest of the world.