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Published:January 13th, 2011 14:09 EST
Magic the Gathering, Now a Manga

Magic the Gathering, Now a Manga

By Tony Graff

In 1993, a math professor and a toy CEO got together to discuss a game called Roborally. While it didn`t take off, the professor, Richard Garfield, presented an idea for a card game to be played during the downtime often found in game tournaments. The resulting game became known as Magic: the Gathering. 

With over six million people in 70 countries, Magic: the Gathering takes its rightful place as the first collectible trading card game. From its beginning in 1993 to now, it has won a host of awards. Players build decks from a plethora of different cards and different effects, then battle it out to defeat opponents.

In 2010, fans and collectors of the game have a new media to enjoy their favorite card game: graphic novels. I found the first chapter of the book at It follows one of the planeswalkers, Chandra Nalaar, as she as sent on a quest to help prevent the laws of the white mages from ruling the world. 
As a fan of both the game and anime, it seems natural that somewhere down the line someone would put the two together. From the one chapter I read, even if you haven`t played the game, there`s still something to like about reading Magic: the Gathering. It`s produced by Wizards of the Coast, and the ongoing story can be read for free at