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Published:January 14th, 2011 15:01 EST
amy winehouse

Video: Amy Winehouse Dances Like A Ballerina In Her Death Throes

By Robert Paul Reyes

Amy Winehouse is in the midst of her comeback tour in Brazil. The crazy chanteuse has received a warm reception in Brazil, because Brazilians are thrilled that a star of her magnitude is touring their country.

Holy Cow

Amy`s reception won`t be so warm if she decides to tour Europe or the United States. We are fed up with her drunken antics, and we will boo her off the stage.

Watch this amazing video of Amy dancing before a huge crowd in Brazil. Amy busted out some dance moves that could have been born only in a fevered mind. Amy swayed side to side as if were on board a ship in rough waters. The train wreck pirouetted as if she were a ballet dancer on crack, until she finally fell on the stage.

Children please stay away from drugs and alcohol, you don`t want to end up like Amy Winehouse.

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