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Published:January 15th, 2011 11:41 EST

Drunk Driver Has A Goat Riding Shotgun!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A goat confiscated from a suspected drunk driver in California is unharmed and could be adopted if its owner does not step forward, authorities said.


The goat was discovered riding shotgun in a car stopped Tuesday night by a California Highway Patrol officer near Hemet, Calif., the Los Angeles Times reported Friday."


The goat may have been been riding shotgun but it was a jackass who was behind the wheel.

The driver and the passenger in the back seat denied ownership of the goat, which means the goat was probably stolen. The two drunk idiots probably saw a goat walking by the road, and one of them had the brilliant idea to pick up the four-legged hitchhiker. It`s a good thing these clowns didn`t see a skunk by the side of the road.

The goat was taken to an animal shelter, and hopefully the two inebriated fools were taken to jail.

I pray that the goat will be reunited with his owner, and that the girlfriends of the drunks will kick them to the curb.

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