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Published:January 15th, 2011 11:12 EST
freddy the cat

World's Most Adorable Politician: Freddy The Cat Mayor Of Sharon, Wisconsin

By Robert Paul Reyes

If the mayor of your town spent most of his time eating, sleeping on the job and chasing p****,folks would be outraged and he wouldn`t be reelected.

freddy the cat

But residents of Sharon, Wisconsin love their mischievous and randy mayor -- he`s so cute that folks can`t help but pet him.

The mayor of Sharon is a tabby cat who lives in Village Hall. Freddy isn`t a mascot, he`s the village`s unofficial mayor. The president of Sharon is a human, but it`s the mayor who gets all the love and attention.

There`s probably a hundred mayors who fear getting recalled and replaced by a kitty cat. The world would be better off if most politicians were replaced by dogs and cats.

"Last April the mayor was let out for his daily rounds and didn`t come back. He was gone for four months. No one is sure what happened to him.

Kelly Hadley, owner of Sharon`s Sweet Shop, said quite a few people, herself included, missed the mayor.

A Sharon resident noticed a picture on the website of a local animal shelter and thought the feline fit the mayor`s description: large cat - to be kind you`d say he`s big boned, but to be honest, he`s on the plump side - white belly and legs, orange top coat and tail, head markings that look like he`s wearing a tawny Batman-esque cowl.

The resident contacted Kunkel and clerk/treasurer Dawn Redenius, and they picked him up from the shelter where he had been living for a few months and gaining weight. Village employees notified their friends on Facebook and word spread - the mayor was back."

If the mayor of my town went out for a walk, and didn`t come back, nobody would care. But the good folks of Sharon were devastated when their mayor disappeared. Thank goodness that Freddy came back, the mayor is making his daily rounds, and all is right with the world.

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