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Published:January 16th, 2011 11:43 EST
gangsta granny

Gangsta German Granny Fights Off Gang Of Thieves

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A granny in Germany made short work of three suspected robbers who tricked their way into her Berlin apartment Friday as she celebrated her 90th birthday, police said.

gangsta granny

The trio, a woman and two men, rang the doorbell of her flat in the eastern district of Hellersdorf and said they were there to attend the granny`s birthday party.

The pensioner, whose birthday it actually was, became suspicious however when the woman asked her for a drink of water and then tried to hold a towel in front of her face.

`She hit the con artist in the face. At the same time she pushed one of the men out the door, at which point the trio fled,` police said in a statement."


This dastardly trio`s next nefarious caper should be something a bit easier, maybe taking candy from a baby. Hopefully the baby won`t be brandishing a rattle, the noisy toy might spook the criminals.

Who was this tough old bird that scared a trio of evildoers? Does Joan Rivers live in Germany?

We can`t rule out the possibility that the old lady was hallucinating. I simply can`t picture a lady that old hitting a woman in the face, and pushing a man out the door.

In any event, Happy Birthday Grandma!

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