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Published:January 16th, 2011 21:15 EST
Political Backing of Shoe-Throwing at Zardari in UK Revealed

Political Backing of Shoe-Throwing at Zardari in UK Revealed

By Ernest Dempsey

The person who threw shoes at Zardari in United Kingdom in August 2010 will visit Pakistan in order to try stir a revolution in the country. And beside his apparent patriotic spirit, news sources have finally revealed his political backing.

Mohammad  Khan


The incident of throwing a shoe at President Zardari took place on August 07, 2010, at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham (UK). The Pakistani President was addressing a rally of his party workers/supporters at the center when 63-year-old Mohammed Shamim Khan reportedly hurled a pair of shoes at the President, missing him by inches, apparently to condemn the President for visiting UK while the disastrous flood had thrown his country into a tragic calamity.


This action of Mohammed Shamim Khan was spotlighted in certain media sources of Pakistan, creating a hype about the incident and trying to give the impression as if one man`s irresponsible action of shoe-hurling spoke for the entire nation`s sentiments. Surprisingly, the media did not cover what happened to the offender and whether he was punished at all for his act.


Now, the same person is reported to be coming to Pakistan. And the interesting fact has been revealed in news sources that he has been contacted by leaders of all political parties in Pakistan that have offered him support in his anticipated Khomeini like revolution (the one that made Iran a fundamentalist state) he hopes to stir in Pakistan upon/after his arrival in the country on March 23, 2011. Interestingly, he already has started direct political propaganda against the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party (of which President Zardari is the lead figure now) by stating that he is aware of the threat of being targeted by the party activists.


Will our media begin to see an offender`s politically-backed activism against the President as part of his campaign that started with shoe-throwing at Mr. Zardari is something yet to be seen. The sad fact of hypocrisy personified in such cases is that they themselves stay in the west while their countrymen suffer back home, but if the country`s leader travels abroad to campaign for helping the nation (Mr. Zardari raised several thousand pounds for the flood-affected people out of that UK trip), efforts to his tarnish his image by uncivilized boorish acts, like shoe-throwing, spring out suddenly of some hidden political agenda. And all this on UK soil where the sun was not supposed to sink down the horizon. Perhaps, the horizons have come down a little!