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Published:January 16th, 2011 11:22 EST

Two Burglars Trapped In Elevator Call Police For Help

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Two would-be thieves called in their own crime to police in Germany after they could not escape from a broken-down elevator over the weekend, police said in a statement.


`This sounds really dumb,` one of the thieves told police in Cologne over the elevator`s emergency phone, `But I`m afraid that we wanted to break in and the elevator has gotten stuck.`

When police arrived they found the two thieves aged 31 and 37 stuck in the elevator of an office building.

The thieves allegedly broke into the building and were attempting to reach a higher floor when the elevator became stuck, the police said."


These two clowns are going down! They really got the shaft! Every criminal has ups and downs in his career! They`ve mastered the art of breaking and entering, but they haven`t quite got the knack of breaking out again! The jokes just write themselves.

After being confined to a tiny elevator, the thieves probably weren`t too upset when they were tossed in a jail cell.

If this had happened in America as soon as the thieves posted bail they would have been in touch with their attorneys. They wouldn`t have contacted defense attorneys to help defend them from criminal charges, but civil attorneys to file a lawsuit against the elevator company.

If these hapless criminals are sentenced to a prison term, I would advise them not to tell their fellow inmates the particulars of their crime.

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