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Published:January 17th, 2011 13:23 EST

Woman Finds Cocaine Inside Vacuum Cleaner

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Green Bay woman got a Christmas gift that she`ll likely never forget.

The Brown County sheriff`s department says someone bought her a refurbished vacuum cleaner from a local department store, and when the woman got home and opened the box, she found three shrink-wrapped packages that she presumed were spare parts.
More than two pounds of cocaine and two pounds of crystal meth were actually inside them."

I wouldn`t be too happy with a friend who buys me a refurbished vacuum cleaner, especially if it contains packages of cocaine and crystal meth. What do you do with such a dubious gift? Do you flush the drugs down the toilet, or do you turn them in to the cops and risk being considered a suspect?

If a pal gave me a refurbished vacuum with a package of marijuana, I would be grateful to him for the rest of my life. I certainly wouldn`t turn over the vacuum or the pot to the police. I would use the vacuum as a bong, and contemplate what a great friend I have.

The police cleared the woman who received the vacuum cleaner, and the other woman who bought the gift, of any criminal charges.

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