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Published:January 18th, 2011 12:21 EST

Oak Brook Residents Bid Farewell To Rusty The Beloved Stray Pooch

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Residents of a Chicago suburb gathered to give a send-off to a beloved local stray dog now headed for a Utah shelter.


Oak Brook residents gathered Friday at the Follett Higher Education Group parking lot to say goodbye to Rusty, a longtime stray in the village picked up by the Hinsdale Humane Society four months ago, the Chicago Tribune reported Monday.

Humane Society officials said Rusty often refused to eat and frequently attempted to escape. They said he seemed depressed living indoors at the shelter."

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When I walk my dogs, Mandy and Midnite, around my neighborhood, the children shout their names, and the adults compliment me on the attractiveness of my pooches. Of course none of my neighbors know my name, and they`ve never told me that I look good.

If I move away my neighbors will miss my dogs, but they won`t give me a second thought. I understand the love that the Chicago suburb has for Rusty. Very few human beings are loveable, but almost every dog brings joy to children and adults.

Rusty loved to wander the streets Oak Brook, unfortunately a dog can`t be allowed to run free. Rusty was miserable in the animal shelter, let`s hope he finds a good home.

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