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Published:January 19th, 2011 10:57 EST
How can a world Utopia be realized?

How can a world Utopia be realized?

By SOP newswire2

A beautiful book in this regard is Prof. Buckminster Fuller`s grand manifestation: "Utopia or Oblivion". The same theme is discussed more and more in the universities` social sciences and planning schools. Private groups and associations and NGO establishments are more and more active with their aspirations, towards a "World Government" to solve the problems of the world.

These perhaps scattered but meaningful small organizations denote an increased consciousness and concern for our global problems and the need for a global solution, a "Utopia" which seems to be the only way out for our troubled world. Their significance become more apparent as our problems mount and as the existing global organizations like the U.N. have started to crumble as its decisions are not respected by its members.

How can a world Utopia be realized?

1- Enhancement in the communications among the intellectuals and between the intellectuals and the masses can lead the way to increased consciousness for a utopia marked by global co-operation and comprehensive configuration as to encompass all our problems, with stress on the priorities. A useful instrument in this regard can be the creation of such global ambitions like the W.I.S.E (World Intellectuals Social Establishment) as outlined by Askin Ozcan in his article / press-release:

2- Establishment of a "World Government" which unifies the parliaments of the existing states and also their armed forces and put them under a just, international status respecting the principles of equality, justice and globalization.

3- To plan for a global utopia based on global co-operation and just distribution of all the resources of the world - material, intellectual, spiritual, organizational, communicative, educational, legislative and law enforcement. Maximizing disarmament and minimizing waste on all fronts. Also minimizing the tensions on the spiritual fronts like the conflicts among the religions and minimizing the reasons for wars. Author Askin Ozcan`s articles, "A Sure Way to World Peace", and "Abraham`s Nation" are significant contributions in this line.

4- To stress in present day education, the need for an "Utopia".

Askin Ozcan is an author of six books in different genres and writes for, , www.theseoultimes and
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