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Published:January 19th, 2011 11:15 EST
We Dare YOU to Be Brilliant

We Dare YOU to Be Brilliant

By Simon Bailey (Mentor/Columnist)

Welcome to the New Normal. This is a period in history when those who take their foot off the brakes of life will accelerate into the future. However, there are those who are still waiting for the good ole` days to return. I have news for you, the good times are gone, but magnificent times are here. Then again, I have a positive bent and intentionally choose to see opportunity in the midst of ambiguity.
According to a recent CNN/Opinion Research poll, Americans` optimism regarding their personal lives is down a bit from the prior year. 64% are hopeful about their personal lives; that figure is down from 69% in the previous year. Meanwhile, the emerging BRICA (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and Africa) nations are brimming with hope and faith in the future. What`s up America? 
What about you? What do you believe? As you believe, so you will become. In the previous year, I taught you to have an appetite for the spectacular. This year I "Dare You to Be Brilliant!" Perhaps you didn`t request it but highly needed a nudge, a push or, in extreme cases, a shove in a forward direction. Enough meandering around waiting, biting your nails, and tapping your foot wishing for something to happen. The fruit of your tomorrow is hidden in the seed you plant today.
Here are five ideas to upload into your heart drive as you dare to be brilliant:
Be a Game-Changer. Either you will change the game or be changed by the game. According to Investopedia a game changer changes the way that something is done, thought about, or made.  A woman was interviewing for a position and the hiring manager called one of her references to verify her twenty-five years of experience. The previous employer said she had one year of experience repeated twenty-five times.  Change up your approach to how you do business. Ask early and often, why are we doing this? Is there a better way? Game changers don`t settle. They shift thinking.
Be the CEO of You, Inc.  I recently read that Jack Welch said that a private equity firm acquired a business in 2007 that was doing $12 billion annually with 26,000 employees. He said that by 2013 they will generate the same revenue with only 14,000 employees. Read the tea leaves my friend. Take control of your career by doing a quarterly assessment of your career portfolio. Examine your personal productivity, relationship currency, and skills inventory.
Experience Life @ the speed of relationships! This phrase was coined by my mentor Mark Chironna. When he said it, I instantly thought about a friend of mine who has dared to be brilliant. She said no more pushing a rock up a hill by yourself or running in place. Start asking for help, start asking for what you need and start synergizing. When you relate it is to understand the cargo in one`s ship. Everyone has a cargo of contacts, cohorts, and connections. Slow down long enough to listen to what they need so that your mind can speed ahead to be a solution. Remember that what you take is a transaction, but what you give is a relationship.
Vuja de (pronounced voo-ja day) is the key to making a brilliant shift. We have entered into the transformation economy where people who see the new in the old and old in the new will rise to the top. Déjà vu is been there done that. Vuja de is seeing something for the first time. Déjà vu says this is the way it`s always been done. Vuja de says it`s never been done before so let`s make it brilliant. Do iTunes, iPod, iPhone, and iPad sound familiar? In the new normal, Vuja de will be an important word in our lexicon. 
Be a Micro-Philanthropist.  This is a phrase that I coined after receiving a letter from an educational charity. The letter said "your tax-deductible donation goes 100% to students in need. A gift of $95 will purchase a textbook. Every dollar makes a difference." I said to myself "WOW...I can do that!" I may have to give up taking my wife out on a date for a month but, I can swing it. You think I am cheap don`t you? Smile. However, everyone can do something. At times, you have to give away what you need in order to expand into another dimension.
Yes, I dare you to be brilliant. You are moving into a realm where everything is going to click. Synchronicity is your destiny and serendipity is your opportunity.  
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