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Published:January 20th, 2011 15:32 EST
The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises

By Tony Graff

It`s been announced, and facts are now known. The third Batman movie by Christopher Nolan will be coming out July 20th. The title of the movie is The Dark Knight Rises. 

Now comes the juicy part. Who is being cast for what. Last time we had facts, Christopher Nolan had a half dozen women he was interviewing for lead roles. The most likely role would have to be Catwoman, since Poison Ivy wouldn`t exactly fit the style that Nolan has tried to create with Batman Begins and the Dark Knight. I cringed at the thought, considering Halle Berry`s attempt to play the anti-hero. We now know that Anne Hathaway will be taking up the cat mask.

The other villain we are going to see in the third movie is Bane. Good choice, but one that has me hoping to see the movie. In the comic series, it was Bane who has come the closest to killing the Dark Knight. First idea is to have a huge muscular guy like Brock Lesnar or an MMA fighter take on that role. Christopher Nolan has signed on Tom Hardy to play the muscle bound fighter. Hardy has been on the screen for over a decade, but the roles weren`t as forthcoming as when he played the role of Eames in Inception. 
Finally, there isn`t even going to be the Riddler, which was the one I had the most excitement for. All the rumors of David Tennant or Johnny Depp are shattered. 
Now that we have facts, The Dark Knight Rises still promises to be a movie that captures audiences with the same power that drew people to the Dark Knight. I for one and waiting excitedly for next year when it comes out.