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Published:January 23rd, 2011 00:27 EST
mama mia

Regis Philbin Goes Bonkers! Quits Over Pay Cut! Disses Kelly Ripa

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Morning talk show king Regis Philbin decided to leave his long-running show because of a salary dispute - not because he was getting too old as he had told viewers, reported.

mama mia

His move, according to the website, left co-host Kelly Ripa stunned and the production team furious.

The decision to leave came after Philbin`s agent Jim Griffin was told the veteran would have to take a pay cut in his new contract

It`s unclear when he made the decision to call it quits, but TMZ reported that he let Ripa, his co-host of almost a decade, know about 15 minutes before they went on the air. He told the studio audience shortly after." " target="_new" style="color: rgb(0, 0, 156); text-decoration: underline; ">Read more

The median age of his audience is 60-freakin` years old. Oprah Winfrey gives free cars and high-tech gifts to her studio audience. Regis hands out adult diapers, and phones - not cell phone, rotary phones.

Regis makes about 20 million a year; he`s the most overpaid old goat in the entertainment business. He should have been put out to pasture a long time ago.

It`s Ripa who should be paid 20 million a year, for putting up with Philpin`s lame and outdated jokes

Philbin took out his rage on his agent by giving him the boot. It`s not the agent`s fault Philbin is too old and out of touch with reality to merit such a huge salary.

Regis Philbin will not be missed.

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