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Published:January 22nd, 2011 11:52 EST

Video: Fox Rejects JesusHatesObama.Com Super Bowl Ad

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An online store called Jesus Hates Obama says a television ad it submitted to air during next month`s Super Bowl has been rejected by the Fox television network.


"Do I really believe (that) Jesus really hates Obama? No, but I do believe in freedom " as in the freedom to poke fun at the Obama administration when I don`t agree with their policies," said Richard Belfry, who began selling Jesus Hates Obama merchandise in 2009, in a Thursday press release about the ad`s rejection.

A spokesman for Fox, which will broadcast the Super Bowl on February 6, would not say whether the network rejected the ad.

Dan Gilgoff/CNN

This ad is as American as Chevrolet, Budweiser and the well-endowed cheerleaders who will be strutting their stuff on the sidelines of the Super Bowl, and it should not have been rejected by Fox.

The Jesus Hates Obama ad isn`t any more kitschy or offensive than your typical religious show featuring a televangelist who is also making a buck of Jesus by selling spiritual trinkets like prayer cloths and vials of anointed holy oil.

Any Christian who complains that this commercial is sacrilegious is a hypocrite if he also doesn`t find evangelical Christian TV programming offensive.

This story combines religion, politics, sports and capitalism, and it proves that sports fans and entrepreneurs are superior to "people of faith" and overtly political people.

Obama supporters and Christians are equally outraged by the commercial, but capitalists and sports fans don`t give a holy fig. Capitalists have a laissez faire attitude, they realize that Belfry is only trying to make a living. Sport fans don`t care what commercials air during the Super Bowl, they only want to see their quarterback throw touchdowns and the cheerleaders jiggle their assets.

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