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Published:January 23rd, 2011 14:26 EST

Gena The Crocodile Gets Sick After Swallowing A Cell Phone

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A crocodile in Ukraine who swallowed a cell phone has refused to touch his food for a month and attempts to prompt nature to take its course have so far failed, vets said Saturday.


The Nile crocodile named Gena, who will turn 15 next month, swallowed the phone when a visitor tried to take a picture of him in late December. The ring tone could be heard from inside the reptile for several days afterwards."


Isn`t there an app for that?

A crocodile will eat just about anything, it`s interesting that the poor creature is having such a hard time digesting a cell phone. Maybe it`s a mobile phone that contains pics of Brett Favre`s Johnson, and that`s too much for any human or croc to handle.

The staff at the aquarium gave Gena laxatives injected in quail to induce a bowel movement, to no avail. Desperate times call for desperate measures, it`s time to bring Glenn Beck and John Boehner to hold a marathon crying session by Gena`s tank. If that doesn`t induce Gena to throw up the phone, nothing will.

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