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Published:January 25th, 2011 17:55 EST

Republican Health Care - Box of Bandaids & A Rabbit's Foot

By Will Roberts

Knock knock - who`s there? Repeal, repeal who? 

Knock knock- who`s there? Repeal, repeal who? 

Knock knock- who`s there? Repeal, repeal who? 

Knock knock- who`s there? Orange you glad we didn`t repeal again? 

Well, it looks like this joke of mine might get some good airplay this week. Dem`s and Rep`s are starting the week by ripping into the President`s health care bill. Now, you noticed I did not say Obamacare... That`s because, in all fairness I would then have to start calling the Republican`s plan, or lack of a plan the "Don`t care" plan. Now, Republicans don`t you dare look down on this humorist and think I am being heavy LEFT handed, "cause even though Americans got problems with this (plan) Bill, It has been a plan for a while. Which now puts it in a "plan of action" mode as opposed to "Republican`s plan of Distraction". 

Now, I am not one-sided on this issue. See, I don`t know that I agree that folks should have to buy insurance or face fines. To me, that`s like saying you need to pay Vinney each month to keep Vinney`s brother from breaking your legs. Let`s just say, we know Vinny (Dem`s) are trying to look like he`s providing us with a good service, but we know he`s pulling our leg. 

Then again I see the service in it. Can you imagine treating drivers the same way? You don`t have to have insurance, well; our street would very quickly start looking like a Friday night at the Demolition Derby.

Just so you know, this assessment comes from my years of being dirt poor and having more $500 cars than a used car lot. Wait, I hope my last statement did not make me sound like I crash a lot. I am just pointing out that folks that don`t have money for insurance, junk the old, and buy a new ...used. 

Either way, stop messing around cause Americans are getting sick and tired of this and I am sure that "Sick & Tired" is not covered under the current health care plans. 

PS. I really don`t think it is fair having folks who get health care for free ( you big boys & girls ) to decide what is best for those of us who can`t even afford to pay attention. 

Will Roberts is currently a featured act on the Las Vegas strip, trick roping. 

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