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Published:January 25th, 2011 17:32 EST
Ten Retirement Income Investing Articles

Ten Retirement Income Investing Articles

By Steve Selengut

An Income Investing Anthology


After forty years of investing, a few things become clear: you need to focus on quality securities, diversify properly, and develop a lifetime supply of income. The investment puzzle becomes easier to solve if you have a handle on all the pieces.


But income portfolio management is a puzzle in its own right, and the major problem is focus --- income is king.


Here`s a collection of ten articles that will help you solve the income puzzle:


Income Investing Made Easy - Parts One & Two - In time, you`ll learn to beam with pride as your diversified group of high-quality income earners moves lower in price with higher interest rates. Finally, it`s time to increase portfolio yield and reduce cost basis --- at the very same time!


Managed Closed End Funds --- Solid Income Investments in Liquid Form - It should become abundantly clear that this form of investment has eliminated nearly all of the drawbacks of conventional mutual funds. The two have very little in common.


Income Investing: Selecting the Right Stuff - Parts One & Two - When is 3 percent better than 6 percent?  Yeah, we all know the answer, but only until the prices of the securities we own begin to fall. Then, logic and mathematical acumen disappear and we become susceptible to all kinds of special cures for the periodic onset of higher interest rates.


Income Investing: Go Ask Alice - Don`t let uniformed thinking sabotage your retirement program; don`t let the selfish advice of a product sharpshooter send you chasing rabbits when IRE (interest rate expectations) or other temporary market conditions shrink the market value of your income portfolio.


Understanding Income Investing - Forming Valid Expectations - Parts One & Two - I`ve come to the conclusion that the stock market is an easier medium for investors to understand (to form behavioral expectations about) than the fixed income market. When dealing with income purpose securities neither investors nor their advisors are comfortable with any downward movement at all.


Real Estate Investing: No Lawyers, No Debt, No Plungers - Without having mega millions to work with, or a line of credit that goes around the block, you can have positions in various forms of Real Estate (commercial, industrial, residential) at the same time, and focus either on growth opportunities, income production, or a combination of the two.


Retirement Income Investment Planning - Step One - Defined Contribution plans are not retirement plans --- even if your employee benefits department, the media, and Wall Street insist that they are. Most are difficult to self-manage for retirement income, but they sure can take you close to where you want to be.


Income Investing: News, Mis-Information, and Opportunities - There are at least eight reasonable explanations for recent price weakness --- there are at least eight excellent reasons why investors should be viewing this weakness as a buying opportunity. Lower prices and higher yields are good news for income investors!


Compound Stock Earnings Programs - Caveat Investor - Options are bets about the future price movement of exchange-traded securities--- it`s just that simple. The prospect of unusually high returns always signals unusually high risk. Here are some things to consider before you think about attending that free seminar:


The Total Return Shell Game - Just what is this "total return" thing that income investment managers like to talk about, and that Wall Street uses as the performance hoop that all investment managers have to jump through? Why is it mostly just smoke and mirrors?


Steve Selengut

Professional Portfolio Management since 1979

Author of: "The Brainwashing of the American Investor: The Book that Wall Street Does Not Want YOU to Read"