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Published:January 26th, 2011 11:25 EST
Author Timothy Baker`s Visit to Heaven In Flesh

Author Timothy Baker`s Visit to Heaven In Flesh

By Ernest Dempsey

Timothy Louis Baker is the author of seven published books with the most special one being his autobiography Where North Meets South and East Meets West (Publish America, 2009) in which he tells about his presence in heaven in flesh for a while. Following is my e-conversation with Tim about this unusual experience of his that occurred two decades ago right in the US.




Ernest: Hello Tim and thank you for allowing me to speak about your unusual experience! Can you please briefly tell me about yourself?


Tim: Yes Ernest, I am 52 years old. I have a high school diploma but have a lifetime of the common man`s experience. I work part-time as the maintenance man for a machine service shop where I clean up front by the service desk, the office areas, break room, storage room and part`s room. Mainly however my job consists of cleaning the shop area, the machines and floor areas around the machines that the other employees ply their trade working on motors and motor parts of all kinds. Additionally, in the summertime, I mow grass for about six or seven hours weekly.


About 20 years ago I started a written version of what has been an interesting and intriguing life. With the help of a typewriter, I was able to write several pages of a rough draft; but then I had to abandon that project for reasons of my own wrongdoing. I was exiled from my parents` house and hit the streets again in 1989. That was my hardship year. Eventually, I was able to find time and inclination to resume my writing and I did. I procured a computer and wrote the second rough draft about my life and some other works, but of fiction. After being in a mental hospital for a year and a half, and after dismissal, I found myself in a mental facility where I was allowed to use all of those unfinished and incomplete, unedited works pursuing perfection. I was eventually able to publish seven titles. The job I have now funded all of that, and now is where I get the money to market them also. 


Ernest: So have you been a believer in god and heaven?


Tim: I had to attend church regularly with my family as a child until I was 17 years old. I never thought much of that back then. However, it gave me enough insight at how I thought God controlled my life; so I was really supposed to live to be capable to make the decision to believe in God and Heaven and continue this for my lifetime. In my mid 20s, I discovered that I thought there was actually a Heaven and that I would eventually go there to live eternally. In fact, a few times, I even had the foresight to perceive that God was going to create a miracle and I would experience that Heaven for myself. I didn`t know when but I believed it for about three years until it happened.


Ernest: I would like to know what actually happened that you believe to be your visit to heaven in flesh?


Tim: It was after the wrongdoing for which I was exiled from my parents` house. I had hit my sister over a dispute about a dog of mine that I wanted to be a one man`s dog. That was my wrongdoing. I was on the road then and in the streets for seven months altogether before I was allowed to return home. During that time, I was everywhere from Florida to British Columbia to New Mexico, then finally California after the Heavenly event of mine in Colorado in 1989.


I was hitchhiking and looking for work. I happened across an old man at a country service station/general store. He put me to work for a few days and let me sleep in a ramshackle shack. I happened to be lying in bed sometime in the first afternoon and suddenly, instantaneously, a certain Indian girl who had given me a ride on a day prior to this day, while I had been wondering as a hitchhiker, appeared with me, having sex with me, and there was a baby child, half Indian and half White, in a basket at the end of our bed. The shanty or shack was automatically fixed up like it was livable again, which it had not been in the condition of for many years (from the looks of it on this earth as we know it before my Heavenly encounter). I say that because the girl and I were in Heaven. I noticed while I observed it all that everyone and everything were there and lived forever with no evil.


After as far as we got almost to until the end of the sex she and the baby that was our child together there in Heaven disappeared. The shack returned to the rundown shape it had been earlier, before we had been in paradise together. I never saw the girl again and of course the baby was probably never in presence with me again since then, nor will be again until Heaven exists again. For a few weeks after the event in that paradise, I continued on my travels and eventually wound up in California. During all of that time afterward until my hardship journey was over, I had time to think about that one event that made the hardship all worth it, being in Heaven with all things there. That was when I had time to think and piece together from the feel of what it was like " from the girl, the baby, and I, what Heaven would have to be like for everything to be possible to live there forever with no evil.


What is killed by men or animals, or plants in Heaven doesn`t really die; it just goes on to another part of Heaven to live a perfect life eternally. Finally, from California after the most difficult time in my life (except for those few blissful minutes in Heaven I experienced) and my journey of hardship was over, I called my mother to request if I may return home. There were some problems with my sister who didn`t even live with my parents at the time and hadn`t for many years but I was permitted to return. After many years, I have been able to write, rewrite, self-edit, and publish my full-length autobiography Where North Meets South and East Meets West.


Ernest: That`s very interesting Tim! How long you think you stayed in Heaven? Did you feel God`s presence or something that made you feel close to God?


Tim: The entire experience happened in the normal time it takes for me to mate with a woman. After the lovemaking was just about to be over, the entire episode ended. The love of God and by His grace, the event occurred. Therefore, I love God now for His intervention in my year of despair. However, at the time, everything there seemed to be normal life, and I felt no particular presence at the moment. Afterward, I felt no real feeling of closeness with the Almighty, but I did find that a little abnormal, right after the time, that I didn`t feel a closeness or presence with the Creator. I guess I just looked ahead at all of the miles ahead of me and time that I would still have to travel before I might eventually find somewhere somehow a way to be able to settle down and live normally again without being on the road or living in the streets. The experience did do something for my sense of wellbeing that everything should turn out alright for me in the end, but I didn`t look at it as though it were an event that singled me out before God and His Heaven and earth, or even my ticket home. It was a few more months before that happened and I was permitted to return to Ohio where I had previously lived with my parents off and on.


Ernest: Do you remember any conversations with the woman and what about details like food, environment, scenery etc in Heaven?


Tim: Ernest, honestly, the beautiful Indian girl and I never said a word to each other. She appeared; we were making love; and she and the Heavenly event disappeared while we were still having sex, just before we were finished at it. Before the event of my visit with Heaven, the shack was not fixed up to be habitable for anybody, or at least I don`t think anybody ever stayed in it anymore. Everything in the shack in Heaven was returned to normal living standards as though it served as some sort of cottage for people to stay in at times and we were evidently just passing through using that little one room building there for living quarters for a short time. I was not in the vision long enough to eat anything or see any of the outside world but I know upon reflection that it was an absolute paradise with no evil. I imagine that geographically it was identically the same there as it were anywhere upon the earth now with the changes in eternity permitting certain restrictions as to what could and could not be feasible there. Like of course, no tornadoes, no floods, no earthquakes or no other natural disasters and calamities. 


Ernest: Upon your return, did you mention anything to anyone about what you had experienced? If so, what was the people`s response?   


Tim: I was living a lonely life on the road and in the streets when I visited Heaven in the flesh, so I never told anybody about it. I just figured that a time would come to tell about it. Later, after I resettled in my hometown, not in my parents` house, I told a few friends about my Heavenly experience, but it wasn`t until I wrote it in my autobiography Where North Meets South and East Meets West that it would hopefully become a great public issue of the realization of the story of my experience in Heaven, caused and controlled by God like all things. He has total control over everything at all times.


Ernest: Were you afraid that if you shared your experience with someone, they might doubt your story like you are making up something or even mock at you for it?


Tim: No I am not afraid to publicize my visit within Heaven itself by spoken word or by written word. I know it was a true experience; even if it didn`t happen in this life, it happened in the afterlife and showed me what that was all about. I have never withheld telling my story for the thought somebody might disagree for whatever the reason other than at the mental hospital thinking they might believe I was delusional enough to be kept longer. I told them of the other supernatural events of my lifetime, most of them, all that I could remember, but not about my Heavenly visit. Other than that I have always been straight and forthright in telling it although I knew it would be a controversial issue. In fact, I joy in telling the truth of the event rather than backing off and letting someone intimidate me because of reality. Even if that reality was not in this earth as were are here now, but instead where everyone and everything will end up after the last life (of any kind) on earth has passed and yet beyond that when creation starts over again and lives up until present Heaven time that coincides with now, our time.


Ernest: Tim, speaking from a skeptic`s viewpoint, how can you be sure that what happened was not a delusion, nor a hallucination, but an actual experience of being in Heaven in flesh?  


Tim: When you are touching another human being while you are actually having physical contact of sexual intercourse and that person is touching you once again while the two of you are making love, it is a good indication that the experience is real. Also the sight of a baby child in a basket at the end of the bed and all of the changes of the building we were in being furnished and a sink with water running, these would necessarily be quite another positive factor that you are in reality within your mind and in real surroundings and not fascinating yourself with a delusion, a fantasy, or even a hallucination. 


Ernest: Why do you think this experience happened? What could cause it? Is it inexplicable or do you think it has some hidden purpose? 


Tim: I think that this event that I had in Heaven was intended to do exactly what it is doing, has already done, and will be doing. Since God has complete control over all things at all times, all things do exactly as is His pleasure in them doing. To me it was totally in God`s hands and in His power for His reasons. There will be multitudinous reasons for that from now until the end of life on earth as we are physically in now because so many people will discover the story somewhere somehow, not only now at present, but for all future generations will one day witness by some means.


Ernest: What positive change has this ascension to Heaven brought about in your life?


Tim: This visit with the afterlife before we come to it as an entire population means to me that I must publicize the event to the fullest extent so that as many people can believe in something that somebody else has to tell a truthful story. It is my hope that someday, in a few generations down the road, almost anybody that is an adult will know of it. The work I`ve done preparing for has reshaped my life totally and completely. Because now I live for a spiritual reason besides all of my mortal normal everyday cognitive thinking, I also think with the spiritual mind, not religious to everybody else, but to me it is. It is truly a thought that anybody else can behold and think for themselves but to me it is part of the rest of my life that is inseparable from truth and reality.


Ernest: Thank you Tim for sharing your story with us! I truly wish you get eternal bliss in your spiritual journey.  


Tim: I wish to express my gratitude for the opportunity to have my life`s story in general and my experiencing the afterlife in Heaven in particular that will be publicized in this article.