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Published:January 26th, 2011 12:06 EST

Hottie Bristol Palin Keynote Speaker For Washington University's Sex Week

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Bristol Palin is scheduled to speak at Washington University during the school`s Sexual Responsibility Week, according to the university`s student newspaper.


Student Life reports that the Student Union Treasury on Tuesday approved spending $20,000 to sponsor a panel featuring Palin. Most of that amount is believed to be going to Palin.

The panel`s topic: abstinence. It will also include representatives from the Catholic Student Center, Missouri Right to Life, and Planned Parenthood, the newspaper reports."

Bristol Palin isn`t a sex therapist or a psychologist, but she brings celebrity to the table. If it weren`t for Palin`s involvement nobody outside of Washington University would be aware of "Sexual Responsibility Week."

The Palin surname is a lightning rod, and folks will come to the sex panel to watch the fireworks. Normally students would be too busy drinking and making out to attend a panel discussion on sexual responsibility, but the Palin name will hard to resist.

It may not seem to make much sense to have a young unmarried woman who gave birth when she was a teen speak at a panel discussion on sexual responsibility, but Palin is sure to get the conversation started.

I`m sure there`s people who would go to hear Bristol Palin talk abut anything, she`s a hottie.

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