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Published:January 26th, 2011 11:56 EST
suicide attempt

Woman Survives Jump From 23rd Floor, Lands On Taxi

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An Argentine woman survived after jumping from the 23rd floor of a downtown Buenos Aires hotel on Monday, landing on a taxi moments after the driver dashed to safety, the state news agency reported.

suicide attempt

The 33-year-old woman was in the intensive care ward of a Buenos Aires hospital after the suicide attempt, the Telam agency said.

Taxi driver Miguel Cajal said he got out of his parked taxi and ran for safety when he saw a policeman looking up at the woman, who was on an upper floor of the Panamericano hotel."


Suicide is a selfish act committed by persons who dwell on their own problems, instead of contemplating how to make this world a better place.

Even a rational person can become suicidal if he obsesses on his problems and shortcomings -- look outward instead of inward and things won`t seem so bad.

This Argentine woman illustrates the selfish nature of suicide. The woman didn`t care how her death might affect her friends and family or even bystanders who witnessed her gruesome suicide attempt, and she certainly didn`t consider that if she jumped of a building she might kill someone below.

It`s a miracle that the taxi driver managed to get out of the taxi before the suicidal woman fell on top of it.

This woman tried to kill herself to end her pain and suffering -- once she comes out of the fog of anesthesia she will learn the true meaning of pain and suffering.

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