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Published:January 27th, 2011 11:49 EST

Obama's Sputnik Moment Vs Sarah Palin's WTF Moment

By Robert Paul Reyes


Obama`s State of the Union speech wasn`t as electrifying as his speech at the Tucson memorial. A State of the Union address is by its nature a humdrum affair, a president is compelled to recite a laundry list of accomplishments and goals. But Obama`s address to the nation achieved its goal, the well-modulated speech reassured the nation that after the Tucson tragedy, life goes on, and politics goes on as usual. 

Sarah Palin didn`t waste any time responding to Obama`s State of the Union address, she blasted the president`s speech on "On the Record" with Greta Van Susteren on the Fox News channel. Palin ridiculed Obama`s slogan of "Winning the Future", noting that the initials are "WTF". Palin used that crude phrase several times during her interview with Greta. I was thinking to myself "WTF", no serious presidential aspirant would ever use that profane term on national TV. 

Obama said that this is a "Sputnik Moment" in America, and we should invest in our country, become more innovative and create millions of new jobs. Obama was mildly criticized for  his "Sputnik Moment" phrase -- today`s generation doesn`t know Sputnik form Snooki. 

Palin was widely ridiculed and criticized for her "WTF" moment, we feel uneasy and uncomfortable hearing a potential presidential candidate use that coarse phrase. 

Obama`s "Sputnik Moment" phrase may have fell flat, but Palin`s "WTF" moment bombed. If Obama had used that phrase in a speech or an interview, Palin`s evangelical supporters would be up in arms. Why so silent evangelicals, when your chosen one uses such a filthy phrase?

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