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Published:January 30th, 2011 13:52 EST

Catastrophe: Sal The Cat Summoned For Jury Duty! Court: Sal Must Attend!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A pet cat has been summoned for jury duty - and has been told by courts he `must attend`

Despite owner Anna Esposito`s protestations that a mistake has been made, a jury commissioner has ruled that Sal must attend the court.


She wrote that Sal was `unable to speak and understand English` - and included a letter from her vet saying that the animal was a `domestic short-haired neutered feline"

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Sal would make an excellent member of the jury, if he`s provided with a litter box.

As long as the defendant isn`t allowed to pet or feed Sal, I`m sure he will render a just verdict. But I doubt that Sal will remain in his seat, he will wander all over the court room, and he might even end up on the judge`s lap.

If OJ Simpson`s jury had included at least a couple of cats, I doubt that he would have been found "not guilty" of the murder of his ex-wife. Cats have an excellent sense of discernment, and felines would have sniffed out a rat like OJ immediately.

I must confess that if I`m ever accused of a crime, I don`t want any cats on the jury. I have two dogs, and the cats on the jury would smell my dogs all over me, and they would find me guilty of murder even if I was being charged only with trespassing.

The woman should have simply told the court that Sal is catatonic and unable to perform his duties as a member of the jury.

This isn`t exactly a catastrophe: Sal is an Internet star, and this amusing tale is giving the catty Brits a chance to mock the American judicial system.

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