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Published:January 30th, 2011 12:16 EST

Mexico Seizes Drug Catapults On Border With US

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Two catapults used by smugglers in the northern border state of Sonora to lob packets of illegal drugs into the United States were seized by troops, Mexico`s defense department said Friday.


One of the devices was discovered Thursday night in the municipality of Agua Prieta, while the other was confiscated last week in nearby Naco, the department said in a statement."

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Drug smugglers use top-of-line speed boats to run drugs, and they rely on high-tech gadgets to communicate with each other.

It`s interesting that they aren`t adverse to using a low-tech device like catapults to move their product. I don`t want to glamorize these thugs, but businessmen could learn from the drug smugglers by thinking outside of the box.

Who knows how long the drug smugglers have been successfully using this ancient device, before they were finally caught?

The United States government should also think outside the box, and legalize marijuana to stop all this mindless violence on the border area with Mexico.

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