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Published:February 1st, 2011 18:46 EST

Elementary School Suspends 3-Year-Old Child For Repeatedly Wetting Her Pants

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Claremont Elementary School suspended a 3-year-old girl for having too many `accidents` in December. School officials told Zoe Rosso`s parents they could not bring her back to school for one month or until she was potty trained. Now Rosso`s mother is asking Arlington County to change its policy.


The decades-old policy is to remove a child who has eight accidents in a month, said Arlington Office of Early Childhood spokeswomanLinda Erdos. At that point, Erdos said, it disrupts the class."

If a co-worker farts in the office it is very disruptive, and if he cut loose on a regular basis most employees would demand that the gentleman be suspended or fired.

If the gentleman tired to cut wind but had an accident and soiled his pants, everybody would immediately go home. No employee would be expected to work in such a foul environment.

Why should we expect our schoolchildren to be in the same classroom with a child who regularly has "accidents"? One accident a month is one too many, little Zoe shouldn`t be allowed within a mile of the school.

Zoe`s parents are dumping their problem on the school, one of her parents should stay home and home school Zoe until she learns how to poop in the toilet.

It must be psychologically devastating for Zoe to endure the humiliation of having accidents in the classroom. For the good of the child, she should be kept at home.

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