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Published:February 1st, 2011 16:16 EST
Hemy Zvi Neuman: Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Hemy Zvi Neuman: Innocent Until Proven Guilty

By SOP newswire2

I saw the article written Jan 6 about Hemy Neuman, What Was the `Real Relationship` Between Andrea Sneiderman and ... where he was referred to as a "character".  Believe me, Hemy is NO "character".

I knew him from high school, we studied together for four years in boarding school and for a year were a "couple".

Although I know people change as they mature, their basic character remains the same.  He was never a "bully", always a straight-forward, decent guy.  A real family man, and although it`s been years since I`ve seen him, I truly don`t believe he did this horrendous thing.  We are a group of over 30 people from school that are in touch via Facebook, and every one of us is in shock over this event.

I feel so sorry for the family of the man that was murdered, but I do hope and pray that the police haven`t stopped looking for another suspect.  You do remember: "innocent until proven guilty"?  Let`s just remember, Hemy has yet to be "proven guilty".



K. Malovani