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Published:February 1st, 2011 18:20 EST

Video: Barbara Bush (George W Bush's Daughter) Supports Gay Marriage

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Barbara Bush, the daughter of George Bush, became the latest high profile Republican recruit to endorse the cause of gay marriage.

`I`m Barbara Bush and I`m a New Yorker for marriage equality,` the former First Daughter announces in a video for the Human Right Campaign released today. `Everyone should have the right to marry the person that they love.`

In doing so Barbara Bush is following in the footsteps of her father`s vice president Dick Cheney - a long-time supporter of gay marriage - and Cindy McCain, wife of 2008 Republican presidential nominee John McCain, as well as her own mother Laura."

The times they are a-changing, it`s no longer heresy for a Republican to come out in favor of gay rights. The older generation of conservatives, like Barbara`s father, will probably die holding on to their homophobic views, but many young conservatives are embracing inclusivity.

How can anybody disagree with Barbara`s commonsense declaration? "Everyone should have the right to marry the person that they love."

I hope Obama watches Barbara`s video, and that Barbara`s simple reasoning will convict his heart. The president was instrumental in the repeal of DADT, but he`s against gay marriage. Obama said that his stance on same-sex marriage is "evolving, is it evolving with one eye on the polls?

Everyone should have the right to marry the person that they love! Everyone from a child to the President of the United States should accept this fundamental truth.

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