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Published:February 2nd, 2011 22:30 EST

Unconfirmed Reports Say President Hosni Mubarak Currently in Tel Aviv?

By SOP newswire2

"Unconfirmed reports emanating from Israel  this morning, indicate that President Hosni Mubarak took-off from a private airfield, in Cairo, last night with members of his family aboard a military Chinook helicopter of the Egyptian army.

The plane is reported to have headed for Tel Aviv where the Egyptian president has apparently been offered - by Israel`s Netanyahu - a 16-roomed villa at Herzalia, overlooking the Mediterranean.  Meanwhile, Mubarak`s wife, Suzanne, who already left Cairo for Britain three days ago, will be "joining her husband in Israel as soon her shopping in London is completed`, the Nairobi- based network said. 

It is also rumoured in Jerusalem that Mubarak`s son, Gamal, who was previously expected to succeed his father as Egypt`s ruler, has been offered the vacant position as head of Israel`s Mossad, as soon as he arrives in exile from Egypt. This report could not be authenticated."   AANews

© Arab-Afrique News, Nairobi

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