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Published:February 4th, 2011 11:40 EST

Outrage: British Ambulances Supersized To Accommodate Fat Folks!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Britain is having to buy new ambulances and upgrade others to cope with a growing number of fat patients as an obesity crisis grips the country, a report said Thursday.


Every ambulance service in Britain has had to buy extra-strength wheelchairs and wider stretchers while reinforcing existing vehicles at a cost of millions of pounds (dollars, euros), the BBC said, citing official figures."


A fat individual faces many health problems, and he is a financial burden on society.

Ambulance companies will be forced to raise their fees for transporting all patients, and this is patently unfair to a normal person who hasn`t let his body go to pot.

The answer is simple: An ambulance company should bill a fat person at twice the normal rate. If a fat patient doesn`t want to pay more than a normal person, then he should be transported to the hospital in a dump truck. Hopefully, the humiliation will force the overweight person to lose some weight.

The logic of supersizing ambulances to accommodate fat persons is insane, it`s simpler and less expensive to demand that fat people lose weight!

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