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Published:February 6th, 2011 10:12 EST

Valet Takes A Joyride In A BMW

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Police in Montreal said a valet taking a joyride in a BMW was clocked driving 180 mph on a city expressway.


Investigators said the man, a valet at a city hotel, took the vehicle for an unauthorized spin Friday morning and received a $2,625 ticket and 42 demerit points on his license when he was pulled over on Highway 720, The (Montreal) Gazette reported Friday." UPI

The typical valet hardly makes enough to pay the liability insurance on his Ford Pinto. The wealthy sod probably didn`t look the valet in the eyes when he handed him the key to his luxury vehicle. Who can blame the dude for taking the hot machine for a joyride?

That`s like a friend who broke his leg asking you to escort his wife to a Broadway show, not expecting you to make a pass at her.

I hope the judge takes pity on the valet, and doesn`t charge him with theft of the vehicle. A $2,625 ticket is more than enough punishment.

The guests of the hotel should take up a collection and pay the fine.

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