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Published:February 7th, 2011 11:35 EST

OMG! Charlie Sheen Has No Teeth! His Career Will Be Toast!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A star who says she partied with the bad-boy actor - now reportedly in rehab - says his teeth are mostly gold and that he wears a white dental apparatus to look presentable in public, a popular gossip site reported.


Kacey Jordan made the claim during a recent interview with gonzo radio host Howard Stern, according toradaronline.

`All his teeth have fallen out from partying,` Jordan said, according to the Daily Mail. `He kept saying f****** porcelain teeth... they crap. Said he had to get gold teeth. Most of his teeth have fallen out, he wouldn`t say why but we all know it`s because of the drug use.`"

Charlie Sheen can party with a gazillion porn stars, have a courier deliver a suitcase full of cocaine to his home, have a dump truck fill his front yard with weed, and have a moonshine still in his backyard, and it doesn`t decrease his popularity one iota.

Charlie Sheen plays a cad on his hugely popular sit-com, and he`s one in real life, and we love him to death. America loves bad boys, can you say "Bill Clinton?`

But the shocking revelation that Charlie only has one or two teeth left, may have a devastating consequences on his career. I wanna party with adult movie stars, and drink myself into oblivion, but I don`t want to look like a meth head.

Sheen`s toothless grin is going to destroy his player image. Sheen needs to check himself into rehab, but more importantly, homeboy needs to go to the best dentist in Hollywood.

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