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Published:February 8th, 2011 10:17 EST
New Anime Fractale:

New Anime Fractale:

By Tony Graff

Not too long ago I discovered, a site chock full of anime that can be watched or read for free. It`s where I saw all the episodes currently available in the series Kuragehime. Since then, I`ve seen a few more series, but none struck me quite like this new anime Fractale did. 

There are only 4 episodes out of 11 available, but the concept is like a mix of Surrogates, which starred Bruce Willis, and the sci-fi world-bending Matrix. 
The story goes that in the 22nd century, the earth is run by a computer system called the Fractale. Through the Daylight Stars, an array of satellites orbiting the planet, people offer "prayers" which to people without nanobot implants, are data transfers used to keep people from questioning the Fractale and the world it has created. 
Clain is fairly content with this world, and pretty much keeps to himself till a girl flies past and changes his whole world. Since he has these implants and his family is composed of doppelgangers of his parents, he hasn`t had much interaction with real people, so being able to hold someone, and feel their warmth, is something new to him. 
The girl mysteriously disappears, but leaves a pin on him, which bears a doppelganger. This one is different, as it can actually be touched, and interacted with, unlike the holographic avatars that he communicates with on a regular basis. 
From there he gets grabbed by an Anti-Fractale faction, who plans to destroy the system running their world and let people think for themselves again. 
This is a very new anime, with the original run starting in January 14th of this year. The animation takes a little getting used to, but the story is very well developed. It gets a 6.5 out of ten overall.