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Published:February 8th, 2011 13:57 EST

Video: Cougar Cameron Diaz Feeds Big Baby Alex Rodriguez Popcorn!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Sometimes the action in the stands is more gripping than what is happening on the field.

We got a glimpse of that last night, during the Super Bowl, when cameras caught Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez in an intimate moment in their palatial Super Bowl sky box.


Diaz was hand-feeding popcorn to the Yankees third-baseman in a shot that seemed almost scripted to say: Hands off my man."

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The popcorn incident was captured on the world`s biggest high-definition screen at Cowboys Stadium, prompting horrified spectators to boo. It seems that every spectator who wasn`t retching joined in the booing. It`s almost impossible to keep beer and hot dogs in your stomach when you are watching such an obnoxious scene in high definition.

The NFL is prepared for almost every eventuality, including Armageddon, but NFL officials weren`t ready to deal with such a sickening spectacle. The NFL should have had an army of psychologists standing by in case the huge screen captured a celeb engaged in weird behavior.

This incident feeds into the stereotype of A-Rod as a big baby, and of Cameron as a skanky cougar. I was surprised to learn that Cameron is only 38-years-old, she looks like a 48-year-old bag lady having a bad hair day.

Note to Cameron: Rodriguez is a world class athlete with amazing physical coordination, I think he`s mastered the art of reaching into a bag of popcorn.

Here`s a link to the video showing Cameron feeding A-Rod popcorn. If you are eating right now, I beg you for the love of God, don`t watch this video until your stomach settles.

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