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Published:February 11th, 2011 11:09 EST
Uncle Sam says: I Want Y0U... Pay up or MOVE OUT

Uncle Sam says: I Want Y0U... Pay up or MOVE OUT

By Will Roberts

`Home sweet home` is synonymous with having a comfortable home you are proud of. 

Slogans let folks know how we feel. Here are a few that the Army has used over the years. 

There`s strong, then there`s Army Strong. 

Have the courage to help a buddy. 

You are wanted by the US Army. 

Never let your buddy fight alone. 

And of course Uncle Sam and I Want YOU!


All these slogans either have been made to let the world know how our armed forces stand or to market young folks in believing that the military is the way to go if you want an education or you are made in the US of A! 

Now, at no time did it ever cross my mind that the government (Uncle Sam) would give our troops the American dream and not include the perk of "Room & Board included". 

See it seems that the one of the biggest problems our troops are facing is not on the fighting in the field, not in their minds, but that our fighters are thousands of miles away from their families and their "Home Sweet Homes" for months, years, only to find out that they are the ones being foreclosed on. 

How has this happened? These folks put their lives on the line and all they want to know is that their country has their back YARD! The Government can give them an education - how to fight, assemble a gun, defend our country and in the end all they get is a boot in the behind and no place to come home to. 

Kinda sounds like prison; why would the criminals want to leave the prison? The only thing they have when they leave is a few bucks in their pockets, a few friends that knew what it was like on the inside and a government that took their life and home away. This might be ok for criminals, but not for the men and woman who put their lives on the line every day, so that we can have our American dreams, mom, apple pie and a roof overhead. 

Ironic that the troops are trained to spot and take down the predators, when the reality is that the real predators are putting lock boxes on their homes while they are away. Plus, they are in many cases leaving the burden of the barrage calls from the bill collectors and the hassle up to the spouses of the troops. Because they have enough to deal without having a loved one in harm`s way. 

If you government boys need a plan, I got one for ya!

Here`s my plan: 

Every American that serves in the Armed forces should be given one of these foreclosed homes here in the USA. Why not, they are just sitting here empty anyway. Here in Las Vegas, California ... If the government wants to throw money away or bailout anyone, let it be our heroes. Take the hit on the real estate; I mean, do you all really think these homes will ever sell? It`s hard to sell homes when the rich keep having new ones made. Give the troops the homes. It`s a fraction of what they give every day on the front-lines.


Your friend,




Will Roberts is a trick roper and cowboy humorist, who pays tribute to Will Rogers, America`s cowboy, with a wit as quick as his rope.

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