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Published:February 12th, 2011 11:39 EST

Lady Gaga's Born This Way An Abomination! Boycott Lady Gaga!

By Robert Paul Reyes

After all the anticipation and controversy, Lady Gaga`s first new song in over a year, "Born This Way" is finally on sale, and it`s a major disappointment from an artist who is seeking the iconic status of a Madonna or a Whitney Houston.


The lyrics to "Born This Way" have been available online for a few weeks, and the words to this abominable song sparked indignation for the gratuitous use of the racially insensitive words "chola" and "orient."

As an Hispanic liberal who has been writing essays supporting gay rights for twelve years, I agree with the pro-gay sentiments of this song. But just because a song has life-affirming lyrics it doesn`t`t necessarily means it`s a great work of art. Lady Gaga`s new single has no subtlety or nuance, it sounds like something that a beauty queen who yearns for world peace would write.

Are Latinos supposed to be grateful that a white superstar, born of privilege, included a racist shout out to our community? Not all Latino ladies are "cholas" in the barrio, some of them are teachers, writers, engineers and nurses and doctors.

It doesn`t matter if you love him or capital H-I-M," Gaga says at the beginning of the execrable song. "Just put your paws up, because you were born this way, baby." Lady Gaga fans must be bitterly disappointed to have waited so long for a new song from their heroine which includes such idiotic lyrics. Even my dog Mandy wouldn`t put her paws up in celebration of this stupid song.

When only the lyrics to "Born This Way" were available Hispanics, Asians and fans of Carl Bean (homegirl stole his lyrics) were calling for a boycott of Lady Gaga. But now that we`ve had an opportunity to actually listen to the song, some Madonna fans have jumped on the anti-Lady Gaga bandwagon. "Born this Way" is a rip-off of Madonna`s "Express Yourself" Lady Gaga needs to take the Material Girl`s advice and express herself, and not channel Madonna.

Lady Gaga has overstayed her welcome, her 15 minutes of fame are over.

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