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Published:February 13th, 2011 12:15 EST
Lady Gaga Loves Everyone Regardless of Race/Gender/Orientation

Lady Gaga Loves Everyone Regardless of Race/Gender/Orientation

By SOP newswire2

Lady Gaga`s Born This Way An Abomination! Boycott Lady Gaga! 

Lighten up. It`s not like she meant it in a cruel way, Lady Gaga loves everybody regardless of their race/gender/orientation. She didn`t come out and say "ALL HISPANICS ARE POOR DIRTY UNEDUCATED CHOLAS BLAAAAAAAH ORIENTS" it just flows better in the verse than some "politically correct" terms.

If comedians and rappers can refer to themselves and people of their race using derogatory words, I don`t see what the big deal is here. And if you knew anything about Gaga, you`d know that "paws up" is a message specifically for her fans, not every random person who happens to be listening. Just because she went to a fancy Catholic school doesn`t mean that she was rich, privileged, and without problems. She`s dealt with drug addiction, her father`s alcoholism & dangerous heart condition, bullying, and emotionally abusive relationships in the past.

I don`t even know who Carl Bean is, but I`m sure he didn`t invent the words "Born this Way" in that order, anybody should be able to use them for a song. She probably meant it as a tribute. These old people should be glad that a new younger talent is paying respects to their precious Queen of Pop.