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Published:February 14th, 2011 11:28 EST

Best Simple Pleasure: Google Doodles! Check Out Valentine's Day Doodle

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Google is featuring their Valentine`s Day logo, designed by Robert Indiana. Robert Indiana designed the 8 cent love stamp back in 1973. Google decided to use that design towards the 2011 version of their Google Doodle for Valentine`s Day."


I wouldn`t argue with anyone who claims that "life is a b****, and then you die." Life is an absurd parade of trials, tribulations, and humiliations. The pot of gold waiting at the end is the sweet oblivion of death.

The only things that makes life bearable are the simple pleasures of drinking a good cup of coffee, seeing a double rainbow, watching children play, and enjoying a Google Doodle.

Google may be more powerful than God Almighty, but God bless Google for their delightful Google Doodles. Go to Google and enjoy the Valentine`s Day Google Doodle.

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