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Published:February 14th, 2011 12:46 EST
Mark DiMassimo, Co-founder of Offlining Says Have a Happy UNPLUGGED Valentine's Day!

Mark DiMassimo, Co-founder of Offlining Says Have a Happy UNPLUGGED Valentine's Day!

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Mark DiMassimo is CEO and Chief Creative Officer of DIGO Brands, a brand driven growth network he founded in 1996.

DIGO Brands is, in effect, a total growth department, allowing CEOs and other top-level managers at ambitious mid-sized organizations to pull all the levers of growth simultaneously, from product innovation to every facet of promotion. DIGO provides a total growth partner that is driven, market-tested and growth-trained over the past two decades by partnering on many of the legendary brand and business growth stories of our time, including Comcast, Crunch, Citi, McKinsey, thinkorswim, Gateway, MasterCard, and many more. DIGO Brands makes things grow.   

DiMassimo is also co-founder of Offlining, a movement whose mission is helping people to reestablish islands of offline life in an increasingly device-mediated world. Offlining uses branding, advertising, innovative product development, social marketing, community building and storytelling to "sell the Off Button." 

DiMassimo and his Offlining Co-Founder, Eric Yaverbaum, previously co-founded Tappening, which promotes healthy and economical tap water and which has been credited with helping to reverse a two-decades-long upward trend in bottled water sales. He serves on the board of Rare Conservation, and on both the Advisory Board and Creative Review Committee of the Partnership for a Drug-Free America. DiMassimo is featured in the best-selling Leadership Secrets of the World`s Most Successful CEOs. A familiar face on CNBC, CNN, Bloomberg, and Fox, DiMassimo is often quoted in the media. 

Mark lives in Rye, New York and is the happy husband of Jill and the devoted father of three boys.

The folks at Offlining are asking that people succumb to the seductive suggestion to take the Pledge to have 10 Device-Free DATES by February 14, 2012!  This can be done at the Offlining website -  - where four Valentine`s Day ads/E-cards can also be viewed and  e-mailed to others (JPEGS available upon request), to remind them to consider using the `Off Button` on this most romantic of days.