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Published:February 16th, 2011 11:47 EST
Islamic Republic on Iran Celebrates 32nd Anniversary

Islamic Republic on Iran Celebrates 32nd Anniversary

By SOP newswire2

February 11th (Bahman 22) marked the 32nd Anniversary of the revolution that resulted in the Islamic Republic of Iran. As the Islamic Republic prepares to celebrate, IHRDC calls for it to hold accountable the senior officials responsible for torturing, raping and killing prisoners, particularly those detained in Kahrizak Detention Center outside Tehran, and to stop all executions. It is also releasing a translation of the Kahrizak Indictment.

In June 2009, tens of thousands demonstrators took to the streets in Iran to protest the disputed result of the Presidential election. The government unleashed police, militia and state-sponsored vigilante groups to violently suppress the demonstrations. Many demonstrators were killed, and thousands were arbitrarily arrested and severely mistreated.

None of the government leaders responsible for this brutal suppression of dissent, which was in violation Iranian and international law, have been brought to justice. Instead, the government has escalated its suppression of Iranians` rights to freedom of expression, assembly, association, and to be free from torture and arbitrary detention. One of the most alarming trends is the increase in the number of executions that violate the victims` rights to life under international law.