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Published:February 19th, 2011 11:16 EST

Insanity: Couple Has Sex Every Day For A Year! Poor Husband Deserves Medal!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Charla Muller pledged to have sex with her husband Brad every single day of his 40th birthday year, which she subsequently documented in an unexpectedly bestselling book.


Charla and Brad averaged 28 times a month over the course of the year. Moreover, as she detailed in her memoir, as time went on Charla realised that there were unexpected benefits to this rejuvenated sex life. `We were much more connected on all levels, and not just in the bedroom,` she recalls. `I realised how much better your marriage is when you`re firing on all cylinders, and that includes intimacy. We were nicer to each other in general, more thoughtful, more mindful.`"

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If a woman tells her husband, on their honeymoon, she loves him so much that she plans on having sex with him every day for a year, the horny dude will burst out crying in gratitude.

But if a 40-something woman tells her husband she`s been married to for a few years the same thing, the guy will wonder why his wife is trying to punish him.

Having sex with anyone, even with Angelina Jolie, every day for a year sounds boring as hell. After having sex with Angelina every day for six straight months, I would tell her: Honey, can we something else tonight instead of knocking boots, maybe we can take turns sticking needles into each other`s eyes.

The typical guy doesn`t mind having sex every day, as long as it`s not just with his wife.

Charla`s book must be boring as hell; I certainly won`t buy it.

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