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Published:February 19th, 2011 13:05 EST
Pan's Labyrinth, Hellboy,.. Pinocchio?

Pan's Labyrinth, Hellboy,.. Pinocchio?

By Tony Graff

You read correctly, the genius who brought the Hellboy movies to life is soon to start production on a remake of the classic fairy tale. This movie, he promises, will be more in line with the original story by Carlo Collodi. So far this means that it will be darker than the Disney movie from the 1940`s. The scary moments, he told reporters, are what make fairy tales work. 

We tend to call something Disney-fied, but a lot of people forget how powerfully disturbing the best animated Disney movies are, including those kids being turned into donkeys in Pinocchio. This is something the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Anderson, and even Disney understood."

Del Toro takes this movie one step further by making the movie in stop-motion animation, the same style used to create The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Corpse Bride, and Coraline. This is a huge risk. So much work goes into creating each second of film, and jerky, almost awkward movements it creates can either make or break movies. 

To help him succeed in this venture, the Jim Henson Company is joining him, both to produce and to assist in the puppet work. 

With production starting this year, Del Toro has a lot on his plate. He`s done consulting work for the 2012 movie remake of The Hobbit, He and James Cameron are close to being able to start work on At the Mountains of Madness, plus he`s producing Kung Fu Panda 2, Puss in Boots, and Rise if the Guardians. 

From the concept art already available, the movie looks to be a coin toss. It doesn`t present a Tim Burton creepiness, but looks like it will appeal to fans of Burton`s work. It`s a remake, a dark fairy tale, and it`s stop motion animation, a triple threat that could become an amazing movie, or end up catering to a small minority of fans.