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Published:February 20th, 2011 13:04 EST
Islamic Renaissance is Spreading

Islamic Renaissance is Spreading

By Md Mahmudul Hasan, Immigration Lawyer, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Islamic Renaissance

Being biased by some harmful States,

Some Muslim State leaders were deviated,

Being directed by some harmful States,

Some Muslim Leaders performed many unethical acts,

Now a revolution has come forward,

With the sparking explosion and unavoidable situation,

This is not the ending, this is the starting,

This is the Islamic Renaissance.


Being started from Tunisia,

Now this Renaissance is spreading in the world,

With the great satisfaction of the mass people,

Now this Renaissance is rectifying the world,

This is Islamic Renaissance,

The Renaissance of purification and rectification.

Being depressed by the unethical activities of some Muslim leaders,

The mass Muslim people were so much annoyed,

Some Muslim Leaders did nothing but support the process,

To make Palestine as Bird-hunting state.

Militancy is called the product of Islam,

This is fully wrong,

This Militancy is financed by some harmful States,

In order to play the game as Cartoon Tom and Jerry.

Being blessed by Almighty God,

This Islamic Renaissance has come to us,

This Renaissance will change the world with rectification,

And create the  world without religious-discrimination.


Written By

Md. Mahmudul Hasan

LL.B(Hons), LL.M