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Published:February 20th, 2011 12:25 EST

Lady Gaga Praises Cover Of Born This Way That Deletes Gay-Friendly Lyrics

By Robert Paul Reyes

"LADY GAGA made a young fan`s day when she called to thank her for a cover of Born This Way that has become an internet sensation.


"Canadian 10-year-old MARIA ARAGON posted a video of herself playing the new single on the piano and singing.

And GaGa was so knocked out by the tribute, she was reduced to tears."

Maria Aragon is a very gifted young lady, and I wish her success in all her future endeavors. I can only hope that if Maria decides to be a professional singer that she will rely on her talent, and not depend on cheap stunts, outrageous costumes and controversy.

Maria`s rendition of Lady Gaga`s hit "Born This Way" is fabulous, but there`s one glaring problem: All of the references to gay equality and empowerment have been deleted. That`s like reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and deleting all references to America.

Some may argue that a 10-year-old child shouldn`t be expected to sing lyrics championing gay rights. That`s implying that there is something distasteful about the subject of homosexuality.

My problem isn`t with the10-year-old singer, but with the hypocritical Lady Gaga. The pop diva considers "Born This Way" a gay anthem, so why does she praise a rendition of her song that leaves out the gay-friendly lyrics?

Can it be that Lady Gaga cares more about publicity than gay rights?

It`s the words that are offensive to Asians and Hispanics that should have been deleted from "Born This Way."

One day, hopefully soon everybody, even Lady Gaga`s monsters, will realize that it`s all about her.

Props to Miguel Perez for making me aware of this story

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