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Published:February 20th, 2011 13:19 EST
Working a Bad Job? Do Something about It!

Working a Bad Job? Do Something about It!

By Ron G Anselm

It seems nowadays compared to a decade ago there are more and more jobs out there that make you want to sit home all day and just not work. For most of us we can`t afford to do this because like life, you have to do what you have to do, pay bills, support yourself or a family and yes, we do have to work to make a living.


I know how it is to have to go in everyday to a job that you absolutely hate. My last position was with a family-owned business. I had to change jobs because my last job before that which I loved to death and planned on staying for a career went under. It was also a family owned business and with the bad economy at the time and some of the new laws governing the medical industry, the owner ran out of working capital and lost a ton of revenue so like a lot of businesses lately, he had to close operations.


It was a big heartbreak for me because I looked at that job as my own business. The owner and I had a great boss and employee relationship and he and I worked together like a well oiled machine. He was and still is a personal friend and a great professional reference. But this is not the case in every job as a lot of us know.


Getting back to my very last position  in my very last job I had to take, I went in very motivated. I was down about the job I loved ending but went into the new job with high hopes and a positive outlook. That quickly changed when I found out the past history of the company and how the work environment really was.


To make a long story short, the owner like a lot of bad managers today was less than good to work for, he created a hostile work environment, talked to his employees as if they were kids, and even had one guy die of a heart attack there because of the high, stressful work environment he created. The owner seemed to love the high stress environment because with the high stress he was making money. This is just some of the negative things the work environment had, there were more things I have not mentioned.


It seems like a lot of jobs out there and they are mostly in the family-owned business sector, have these types of work environments because it you think about it, most family-owned businesses do not have a Human Resources department and without an HR department to monitor managers and employees it really turns the work environment into a free for all and anything goes wrok environemnt.


There are laws out there to protect employees from hostile work environments and harassment but to be able to start proceedings against an employer; the process it takes is just not worth going through and a lot of Lawyers turn away from representing you on cases like theses and not to mention the court costs and fees you will be paying especially if you end up losing the case.


I know a lot of people out there that hate their jobs and would love to be able to find the perfect job if the perfect job is out there. I also love the people that say, "Can`t wait until Friday Or, today`s hump day (Wednesday) and we only have two more days until Friday." They act like the weekend is a long vacation and it is going to last forever. Monday is going to come whether they want it to or not and there are going to be a lot of Monday`s to have to deal with while you are working that bad job.


On the other hand, I know how it is to have a great job to go to everyday as in the job I had before that last one I had to take. I used to get up earlier than I had to in the military and go in just because I was so motivated to get to my job I could hardly sleep. And that is the case most times when you have a job you love. Your time off is much sweeter, the weekends are much more enjoyable, and life is better.


If you are working a job you hate, you will eventually more than likely develop health problems, high-blood pressure, hypertension, stress related injuries, and not to mention your depression and anxiety level will hit record numbers. A good example is like I mentioned earlier at my last job I hated, the guy actually died of a heart attack. I can`t say it was because of the stress created on the job but it probably did have a lot to do with it. I also love the people that say, But I am making big bucks here, If you die of those eventual health problems, all that money just isn`t going to matter.


I have learned over the years to develop the `Life is too short` attitude. Yes, life does go fast and you have to enjoy every second of it. Working a bad job drains you of your happiness and puts you in a negative state of mind.


I know it is not easy nowadays to just change jobs, hit the bull`s eye and find that paradise job but you do have a choice to keep working a job that is draining the life out of you or take the bull by the horns and GO FOR IT! Find that good job.


You may have to do other things while you are throwing out the resume but in the long run it is worth the time and trouble. Maybe while you are looking for a better job work a retail job so you are on the retail work schedule which frees you up to be able to go on interviews during the week, start a small business, or do whatever you have to, to be able to survive.


I`m not saying go and quit your job because you hate it and yes, you do want to try to work it out in every way possible before you take the easy way out. But a lot of times no matter what you do or how hard you try the job is not going to work for you.


With the new economy is going to come less open positions because companies now have learned they can do more with fewer employees which in turn saves the company money. This means there are going to be fewer jobs out there to choose from.


In my personal opinion, the way to really ensure happiness is to start your own business and a lot of people have learned to do this lately. If you are your own boss you will not have to answer to anyone, especially a bad boss, you are on your own work schedule and you will probably make a lot more money that having to work for someone else.


So, I guess if you are stuck in a bad job you hate, do something about it and start the ball rolling to find the job you love to go to everyday or do your own thing and start a business.