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Published:February 21st, 2011 11:08 EST

Sarah Palin Rocks Leopard Skin Print Shoes! Leaves Audience Mesmerized!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Last Thursday Sarah Palin delivered a nuanced, intelligent and well-delivered speech to the Long Island Association. Palin left the crowd marveling at her command of economic issues, and her deep understanding of geopolitics.


Just kidding! After another idiotic speech peppered with lame expressions like "mamma grizzlies" and "you betcha", the audience couldn`t stop talking about her leopard-print shoes.

Some folks may accuse me of being sexist for writing about Palin`s shoes, but if the former beauty queen wants to be taken seriously she should dress like a politician and not a reality show celeb. If Obama rocked a pair of stilettos while making a speech I would focus on his footwear as well.

Palin is a media magnet because of her relatively good looks for a woman her age. If Palin feels compelled to buttress her sexy image by donning shoes favored by working girls, more power to her! But girlfriend shouldn`t expect any reasonably intelligent American to vote for her.

Palin was reportedly paid $100,000 for her speech, she probably went to a shoe store after she left her fawning fans.

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